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Wake Residents Call For Changes Along Dangerous Stretch Of Road

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Troopers are investigating a weekend accident that killed a child and left another fighting for her life.

According to the state Highway Patrol, Tabitha Lynn Crockett was driving her Honda Accord east on Turnipseed Road when the car ran off the right shoulder and hit the pylon of a small bridge Sunday. One child was killed, another was critically injured.

There have been two fatalities along Turnipseed Road in the last six months. In the past two years, 22 wrecks have been reported there.

People living in the area say something needs to be done to get drivers to slow down.

"It's out in the country and I guess people don't really care that much, resident Gabe Wilson said.

"I run about 45, 50 mph and people come up on my bumper. It's like they're going to run over you," resident Dennis Perry said.

The problem may have less to do with the 45 mph speed limit and more to do with a lack of speed limit signs, residents said. They want better enforcement of the speed limit -- even speed traps.

The Highway Patrol said part of the problem is there are not enough troopers to patrol the road everyday.

"I had a son killed about a fourth of a mile up the road about 10 years ago at Christmas," Terry Dean said.

The best advice: "This is the country, you know love it. Slow down and enjoy it," Perry said.


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