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Raleigh Police Hope La. Case Provides Insight Into Stephanie Bennett Case

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Stephanie Bennett case is one that remains a priority for Raleigh police. While the suspect charged with a series of slayings in Baton Rouge, La. was eliminated last summer through DNA, the case offers Raleigh police investigators some insights into tracking a killer.

Bennett was found murdered inside her north Raleigh apartment. Lt. Chris Morgan and his team have been tracking Bennett's killer for more than a year.

"It's a very difficult case," he said. "Even this week, after a year, we still get leads on a regular basis."

Morgan said one thing they learned from the Baton Rouge investigation that they are applying in the Bennett case is recognizing similarities in different cases. He said by publicizing the Bennett case, they hope to locate a similar crime that could help solve it.

"Looking for similarities, other cases that may match, and we're still looking for a case that closely matches it," he said.

Morgan said one investigator is assigned to the Bennett case fulltime, keeping track of leads that could help catch a killer.

"Whether the perpetrator is in Raleigh or he's somewhere else, he still represents a threat to the lives of good people somewhere," he said.

Morgan spent close to three hours Wednesday presenting the Bennett case at a homicide seminar. He said maybe one of the detectives in the crowd will get a case that could be similar to the Bennett case and that could finally be the break Raleigh police have been looking for.


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