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Colorful Debate Continues In Cary

Posted May 29, 2003 8:47 a.m. EDT

— A pink paint job has led to a colorful battle in the

town of Cary


A store owner said pink is the perfect color for her shop. It is cheerful and is what customers asked for. City leaders, however, say pink is not their color of choice.

Not Just Country is a craft shop and more. Owner Kim Perry said it is a fun hideaway for mothers and their daughters.

"When I asked the children what color they wanted for the store, they wanted pink. So I painted it pink," she said.

According to the town's commercial zoning code, a building's exterior colors should blend with surrounding businesses. Town leaders said in a downtown setting of beige, cream and white, pink does not belong. They want Perry to repaint her store.

"It does stand out and there is no uniformity there, it doesn't blend in with the other buildings," said Walter Harris, Cary's zoning compliance supervisor.

Pink is also the same color as Cary Mayor Glen Lang's house.

Lang said although zoning codes for a residential neighborhood differ from commercial properties, unlike Perry, he followed the rules.

"I had to submit my plans and my colors to the Lochmere Homeowner's Association prior to the construction of my house," Lang said. "Evidently, they thought that the shade of pink of my house inside Lochmere was OK."

"Every time you turn around, someone gets bullied for something else. I'm going to stand up for my rights," she said.

Perry said it will cost $400 to repaint the store. The pink paint debate comes up before town council again in June.