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Flooded Areas Cause Problems In Fayetteville

Posted May 27, 2003 5:21 a.m. EDT

— When recent rains came down in downtown Fayetteville, Cross Creek rose about 5 feet and flooded some of the surrounding areas.

An outdoor theater group was one group affected by the heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. Several pieces of equipment were placed in a 6,000-pound container that somehow got stuck in a creek.

"Light boards, sound boards, speakers, amplifiers -- all the things you don't want to get wet," art director Bo Thorp said.

Luckily, the theater group was able to rescue the equipment.

"It looked impossible to me, but they made it easy," Thorp said.

Edgar Solano is having problems of his own. His back yard, including his hot tub, is flooded.

"Right now, if you walk in there, it's about knee high," he said.

Solano's water fountain is also sitting in water.

"I know this water is going to go bad. In a few days, it's going to go bad. It's going to create a lot of mosquitoes," he said.

The floodwaters in Fayetteville were so strong that they also ripped a hole in Mirror Lake Road.