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Durham School Board Approves New Dress Code

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DURHAM, N.C. — No offensive T-shirts, low riders or tube tops -- A local District is changing the way your child dresses for school.

The Durham County School Board on Thursday approved a new dress code that takes effect in the Fall. Parents and students will have to check their closets before next school year.

Starting next Fall, boys will have to pull up their pants. Girls will have to leave the low riders, spaghetti straps, strapless tops and halter tops for weekend outings.

Sutdents also will have to check the wording on their T-shirts to make sure they aren't promoting violence, drugs or alcohol.

There will be consequences for violating the policy -- anything from a second warning or opportunity to call a parent to bring a new T-shirt.

The policy is somewhat similar to the one Wake County students follow: no baggy pants, hats or low riders.

Kathryn Chontos, the principal for Athens Drive High, said that students initially challenged the Wake County policy but have since gotten used to it.

"They wanted to wear the clothes that they liked and express themselves through their clothes," Chontos said. "And we had to restrict that to comply with the policy."

For Durham public schools, getting the policy on the books now gives students and parents plenty of time to rethink their shopping list for school clothing next fall.

Durham school leaders are about to consider a new dress code for students.

The policy calls for no halter tops, spaghetti straps or anything else too revealing.

It also bans sweatbands and clothes that promote drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

The policy was developed by a committee of parents, teachers and students.

The school board will vote on it Thursday night.