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Bragg Military Wife Waits For Reunion With Deployed Husband

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — While there have been many happy reunions after the war against Iraq, many more soldiers are still away from home like Fort Bragg soldier Gerald White.

In what has been almost a daily routine, Angela White and her daughter, Savannah, have been watching old home videos of the family when Gerald was with them.

"If she (Savannah) hears his voice and she sees him, then she won't be as scared of him when she does see him and hear him for the first time," White said.

Angela said the videos often make her cry because she misses her husband. She also said that it is difficult to look at other military families being reunited.

"I'm happy for the people who get to reunite with their families," she said. "It's just makes me depressed when I get to see them joined with their families and loved ones and I'm just sitting here, watching, hoping and wishing it was me."

For weeks, Angela said she had been hoping her husband would call with more information. At first, she did not even know where Gerald was being deployed to, but she later found that he is conducting several tasks in Afghanistan. Now, she said knowing where he is does not make the waiting any easier.

"I feel that it is just as dangerous to be in Afghanistan as it is in Iraq," she said.

Gerald has been in Afghanistan for more than three months -- the longest the Whites have ever been apart.


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