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Wayne County Honor Students Face Felony Charges

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GOLDSBORO, N.C. — A couple of Wayne County honor students face felony charges for stealing a final exam from another school.

County deputies said the boys broke into a school cabinet and stole the test. But the boys didn't realize security cameras were rolling the whole time.

Though school is about to let out, the buzz around Spring Creek High School is about


than summer vacation.

"Everybody's just kind of talking about it," said Spring Creek student Stephanie Smith. "We're excited about the end of the year, and it's just one of those things that just happened."

Two juniors from Southern Wayne High School are accused of breaking into Spring Creek, stealing a blank Latin exam and trying to make copies. John Tart III, 16, and Mastafa Springston, 17, are both honor students, both characterized as good boys with bright futures.

"They're honor students, very active in clubs and activities and sports," said Stan Alleyne of Wayne County Schools. "These wouldn't be the typical students that you would think would do something like this."

School officials say it was easy to confirm their suspicions because the theft happened on videotape. Spring Creek High School has 16 cameras mounted around campus.

This is the first offense for the honor students. They could be suspended up to 10 days.

"We won't tolerate cheating in any form," Alleyne said, "and we will find out who commits an offense like that, and they will be punished."

Once they're done with the school system, the students still have to face the sheriff's office.

Tart's family did not return phone calls from WRAL on Monday, and the station was unable to make contact with the Springston family.

Both boys are out on bond.