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Termite Damage, Repair Costs Eat Away At Homeowner

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CUMBERLAND COUTY, N.C. — Getting rid of termites can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

When a Cumberland County woman did not believe the company she paid was following through on its promise, she called Five on Your Side for help.

The thought of termites or termite damage can concern any homeowner. That is why many people paypest control companies to inspect and treat their homes.

Most contracts promise repairs for termite damage, but Phoebe Jordan said promises were all she got.

Almost two years ago, Jordan noticed the wood around her living room window was rotting. In the den, it was worse.

"All of this wall -- from the fireplace all the way back, all the studs, all the insulation -- was just shredded," she said.

For the past 20 years, Jordan paid Canady's Pest Control to inspect and treat her house for termites. Under the contract, the company agreed to pay to repair any termite damage. Jordan called owner Scott Canady, who agreed to take care of the $8,100 in repairs.

Months passed and Canady did not follow through.

"He was always very polite. He was always saying, 'I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it.' It just didn't get done," she said.

Canady blamed the hold-up on his insurance company.

"That's not my problem. My problem was my home," Jordan said.

After a year and a half, Jordan called Five on Your Side.

"I waited and waited and waited and waited and he didn't do anything. Then I got aggravated and I just said, 'The time has come to fix it,'" she said.

Five On Your Side called Canady, who blamed the delay on his insurance company.

After two months of phone calls, Canady sent Jordan a $3,800 check for repairs she had already paid for and paid a contractor to finish the job.

Jordan is relieved her house is back in one piece and is glad she did not give up.

"I think he thought because I was old and had a contract with him a long time, he could just soft talk me and I wouldn't do anything. But that's not me. There comes a time when business is business," she said with a laugh.

Canady promised to pay Jordan the remaining $2,000, but still has not done so.After another call from Five On Your Side, Canady said there was a mixup with some paperwork and promised he would give Jordan a $600 check to by the end of the week and is working on the rest.


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