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After Beating Cancer, Rocky Mount Woman Withstands Terror Of Pit Bull Attack

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ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. — A local woman talked Tuesday about fighting for her life against two savage pit bulls.

Mae Parker said cancer couldn't beat her a few years ago, so she wasn't going to let the pair of pit bulls get her now.

The 61-year-old Edgecombe County woman doesn't know why, but of all the people on Myrtle Avenue last Friday morning, the two loose dogs chose to go after her in her own yard.

"They started jumping on me right here," she said, "and then I had a folder in my hand, and I decided to hit them with the folder."

Parker backed up onto her porch as the dogs continued their assault. She grabbed another weapon, a pointy potted plant.

"And I really did a tough job with this plant," she said.

But the dogs pulled her down, biting her hands and arms, tearing at her ear. They bit her breast and tried to go for her neck.

Parker said she doesn't remember being scared -- just mad.

"Gee," she said. "I just beat cancer, and now I'm going to be killed by these two lousy dogs? And I just got angry and angry, and I wanted to destroy them at that moment."

After neighbors helped fight the dogs off, Animal Control officers caught them. They're now in quarantine because they never had rabies shots.

The dogs' owner, 18-year-old Joshua Earl, lives just up the street. from Parker. He was not home Tuesday to explain why the dogs were loose.

Rocky Mount police are investigating. Earl could be fined $140 for letting the dogs run loose. Parker has to wait six days to find out whether or not the dogs have rabies.

Because Parker was attacked on her own property and didn't provoke the dogs, officers said the dogs could be destroyed. Parker said they should be.

"You know, they say these dogs are pets," she said. "They're not pets. Their nature is to kill. I experienced that."

Parker said that from now on, she'll report any dog loose in the neighborhood, so that what happened to her won't happen to anyone else.


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