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Healing Place Wants To Help Women In Recovery

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Healing Place of Wake County

has turned around the lives of hundreds of drug- and alcohol-addicted men, but so far no women. That could soon change.

Cynthia, whose last name is not being released, said she was addicted to drugs for 25 years before she got clean. She said she did not do it alone.

"I knew that at the time I went to prison, I needed some help and so luckily, someone knew of a place I could go," she said.

Cynthia said the place helped her, but it did not accommodate women with children. The Healing Place of Wake County, which helps addicted men, is now trying to build a center for women and their kids.

"Children, a lot of times, are the victims in addiction. A difference with The Healing Place is we will reunite women with their children in the facility," said Dennis Parnell, of The Healing Place.

The Healing Place wants to build a women's center on a undeveloped piece of property near Poole Road. Officials said they intentionally chose a secluded spot.

"It has to be somewhat away from civilization, but at the same time, close to bus routes," Parnell said.

The women's Healing Place will cost about $5 million. Officials are asking Wake County for the land and $1 million in capital costs and they also plan to ask Raleigh officials for money.

The Healing Place will start a fund-raising campaign in a few months. They hope to open the women's center by early 2006.


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