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Woman Wounded In Drive-By Shooting Glad Grandchildren Not Hit

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HENDERSON, N.C. — A grandmother who was shot during a drive-by shooting said she's glad she was the one who was hit.

Two infants were close by when the bullet came flying near the front door of her home.

The Henderson Police Department is investigating the case but says it doesn't have much to go on. The victim said she thought she saw a green car hesitate in front of the house, but she may never know who shot at her and her family.

Barbara Williams, 40, was on her front porch on Chestnut Street with her daughter and grandchildren when the shooting occurred.

"I got up to close the screen door and turned sideways," Williams said. "Next thing I know, I heard a pop, and my daughter stood up and said: 'Mom, you're bleeding. I think you've been shot.' I said: 'What do you mean, I've been shot?'"

Williams said she felt her neck and found blood.

The bullet went straight through the skin under her chin. Eleven stitches sewed up the entrance and exit wounds.

Williams said she's been having nightmares.

"Folks keep coming up and saying: 'It could have hit you in this place, or that place,'" she said. "And more folks keep telling me about it and stuff, and I've been dreaming about it. I keep seeing it and thinking about where it could have hit."

She also thinks about who else it could have hit.

"I'm glad it was me instead of one of my grandkids," Williams said.

Williams said she thinks it was some teenagers just messing around and playing with guns. She also said it's the first time she's ever heard gunshots on her street.

The broken-out glass in the front door is a reminder of what happened. But Williams said he won't let it scare her away.

"I'm going to stay here and take care of my kids and make sure nothing happens to them and nothing like this happens over here anymore," she said.

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