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Items Seized In Wendell Drug Bust May Go To Local Schools

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WENDELL, N.C. — Federal drug agents are searching a home in Wendell where they say a family ran a major drug operation.

Tressa Brantley, the home's owner, is now in jail along with her alleged business partners, Cecil Fleming and Terrance Cook. Investigators say the trio was caught in their car with more than 1,200 grams of cocaine, worth $130,000. Two weeks ago, Brantley's husband was arrested on drug charges.

Investigators found several items at the home, including a full-size gym, a $12,000 swing set for the kids, electronic equipment and a garage with 4-wheelers, motorcycles and several ATVs.

"This is merchandise that was brought with drug proceeds. It's seizable," said Sgt. Shelley Murray, of the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

If the Brantleys are convicted, authorities say all of their valuables will be auctioned off. Some could even go to local schools. Last year, the Wake County school district recieved more than $4 million from property seizures.

Authorities have been busy busting illegal drug operations in the area.

In Lee County, officers recently confiscated 500 pounds of marijuana worth $2 million during an undercover buy. In Johnston County, deputies seized 300 marijuana plants from a mobile home in Smithfield worth $900,000. In Chatham County, authorities found $780,000 worth of marijuana inside a home near the Orange County line. Fayetteville police recently netted a $200,000 stash of marijuana.


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