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Feds Requiring More Extensive Background Checks On Truckers

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RALEIGH, N.C. — More than 100,000 North Carolina truckers will soon have to undergo criminal background checks that includes getting their fingerprints taken. It is part of an effort by the Transportation Security Administration to fight terrorism.

The federal government is now requiring extensive background checks on all 3.5 million truckers who haul hazardous goods. In addition, any driver convicted of a felony or immigration violation will not be cleared for a Haz-mat permit.

"It's not going to be a high percentage of people who get flagged. There's a lot of screening that goes on right now that has eliminated a lot of those people," said Wayne Hurder, state director of driver's license certification.

Screening used to focus on vehicle violations, now it will look at all violations.

"Not many terrorists are actually going to put placards on their trailers that say they are hauling a bomb on it," truck driver Shawn Briody said. "They actually have to look for people who actually cause this stuff not truck drivers trying to make an honest living."

The driver background checks started on Monday. Fingerprinting starts in November.


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