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Motorists Still Try To Deal With Stop Signs Along I-40

Posted May 1, 2003 3:38 a.m. EDT

— The stop signs at the Highway 54 and Highway 15-501 ramps are a temporary setup while crews widen Interstate 40. Some drivers hope the situation is as temporary as possible.

"I think they're awful," said one motorist. "I think it's very inconvenient for drivers."

"It's horrible. It's just absolutely terrible," said another motorist. "It creates a long, huge traffic problem when there shouldn't be and it takes me forever to get home."

There have been at least five wrecks in the stop sign zone. The state Department of Transportation has added tubular lane dividers to keep people from cutting around stopped cars. They have added stop signs and barrels to channel traffic.

Road crews have been trying to bring the middle lanes up to grade. They hope to have the stop signs down by the end of May. The Highway Patrol will put at least two troopers at each interchange until the stop signs come down.

DOT engineers also have good news for all those drivers angered by the stop signs on Interstate 40 entrance ramps. The temporary setup has been such a hassle that engineers say they probably will not try it again.