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Buddy Myers' Family Anxiously Awaits DNA Results

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SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. — Family members of a missing Sampson County boy are anxiously awaiting DNA results that will determine whether a boy found in Chicago is Tristen "Buddy" Myers.

Authorities say it may take up to six weeks for the DNA test results to come back. WRAL has been told that some of the holdup has to do with the fact that because the boy was in foster care, officials had to go to court to get a DNA sample from him.

LabCorp of America officials, which processes many DNA samples, say getting information from a blood sample and a mouth swab can take a minimum of two weeks to get results.

Sampson County sheriff's Detective Sgt. Darold Cox has asked Chicago authorities to put a rush job on the DNA testing.

"Hopefully, we can speed up the process for the DNA test so we can find out right away if it is Buddy or not," said Crystal Richmond, Myers' cousin.

Myers was living with his great aunt and uncle when he disappeared from a Sampson County home nearly three years ago. The entire time, 22-year-old Raven Myers, Buddy's biological mother, has held out hope her son was still alive, and now there is word that he may be.

"I never thought that he was dead," she said. "You can't think that of your own child. If it is him, I want to give him the life I did not give him before."

Authorities are comparing DNA to see if a boy in Chicago, Eli Quick, is Buddy. According to social services in Chicago, Ricky Quick, 33, took the boy into a hospital complaining the boy exhibited aggressive behavior.

Hospital workers became suspicious with the man and called police. Quick was wanted on shoplifting charges and the boy eventually was placed in foster care.

An investigation led to

the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children Web site

and a possible match between Eli Quick and Buddy Myers. Raven Myers was contacted for DNA.

"It kind of came to a closure, but you don't know yet and it's going to take six weeks," she said. "It's going to be the longest six weeks of my life and I think a lot of other people's, too."

According to the arrest warrant, Ricky Quick is 33 years old, measuring 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 115 pounds. The warrant also states he is a self-employed auto mechanic in Chicago.

Family members say they have not heard of Quick.

The case is also drawing attention from the national spotlight. People from Inside Edition, The Montel Williams show and the John Walsh show are in North Carolina covering the case.


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