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Granville County Families Wary Of 'Hot Zone' Of Former Army Training Ground

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BUTNER, N.C. — Bombs from a different era have a Granville County family fearing each step may be their last -- after another family left their home due to the potential danger.

Many families in the area live on land that used to be a World War II-era Army training ground. Now they're finding some of the leftover explosives.

W.C. and Amy Blaylock bought a home in January 2002. Then they discovered they could be surrounded by unexploded Army munitions from a time when their land was part of Camp Butner.

"We were told we were in a hot zone," Amy said. "A heavy artillery range is what the Army Corps of Engineers told us that we lived in."

W.C. stepped on a 150-millimeter high explosive in the woods near his home last week. Saturday, an army explosives team removed it.

Six months ago, the Blaylocks found a similar shell next to their shed.

The Blaylocks live 10 miles from the Lakeview subdivision, where another family found two live shells last summer.

"Living here, we feel we are in imminent danger," Danny Cash said at the time.

The Army Corps of Engineers committed to searching the Cash's subdivision for more ordnance. But Kim and Danny Cash and their six children left, anyway, for safety's sake. They now rent an apartment in Creedmoor.

The Cashes are planning to sue those who sold them the land, as well as Government entities that kept them in the dark about the potential danger on the property. They're fighting for themselves and others like the Blaylocks, who are waking up to the same horror.

"We fully intend to stay here," W.C. Blaylock said, "and we expect something to be done about the problem in the ground."

The Army Corps of Engineers has funding to search for ordnance in the Lakeview Estates subdivision. But they have no plans to search the land where the Blaylocks live.

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