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Backyard Bombs Cause Granville County Couple To Tread Lightly

Posted April 25, 2003 10:48 a.m. EDT

— A Granville County couple made a terrifying discovery this week when they stumbled across a bomb in their backyard.

The bomb was found near an area where explosives have been found before. But the discovery had W.C. and Amy Blaylock feeling like hostages in their own home.

They've been forced to live a cautious lifestyle, they said, in which they never know where to put their feet.

Over time, the Blaylocks have realized that their sprawling 10-acre estate is a virtual mine field. Since 2000, the Army has found eight live shells on the land where Camp Butner used to sit.

The most recent discovery is a foot-long munition, believed to be left over from training excercises performed during World War II.

W.C. Blaylock stepped right on it Thursday night.

"I landed on what felt like a turnip," he said. "But then I looked down, and, knowing what I know about this area, I just got away."

Said Amy Blaylock: "He could have been killed."

The Blaylocks also found a bomb last September that created a hole in the ground just 30 feet from their kitchen.

In the 18 months they've lived here, they've also found bullet shells and weapons casings.

The Army has told the Blaylocks to watch where they step and to call emergency officials if they find anything that appears dangerous.

Saturday, the Army Corps of Engineers will come out to the Blaylock residence and remove the explosive from their property.

"We want them to clean it up," Amy Blaylock said. "We want it in writing that it's going to be safe, that our kids will be safe."