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Some Murder Suspects Being Released At Vance County Jail

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — A backlog of criminal cases in Vance County is leading to jail overcrowding. As a result, judges are being forced to lower bonds for alleged murderers.

Since November, five murder suspects, Floyd Neal, Herbert Burton, Kip Hargrove, McQuentin Marrow and James Edwards, have been released on reduced bond in recent months from the Vance County Jail. Some had been behind bars since 2001, when the murders they were charged with were committed.

Officials say the jail is at capacity at 148 inmates so officials say there is not enough room to hold people who have not gone to trial yet. Court officials say Vance County's murder rate was high in 2001, which created a backlog in the court system.

Officials say there has only been one murder in Vance County since December 2001.


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