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Fort Bragg Military Wife Relieved To See War Winding Down

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — It has been more than two months since Spc. Gerald White deployed from Fort Bragg, but his wife is holding down the fort until he gets back.

Angela White is not used to starting the mower or pushing it for that matter, but like all miltary couples when one spouse is deployed, the other does the work of both.

"It's hard. It's hot out here. I'm not used to all of this," Angela said.

Angela's husband, Gerald, has now been gone for nine weeks, but in the yard and with their two children, she is holding her own.

"He said it was going to look like a jungle when he got back," Angela said.

With the fall of the Baghdad and very little resistant in the final city of Tikrit, the grass is looking greener all the time.

"It makes me feel a lot better because it means our guys are closer to coming home and that takes a lot of relief off my chest," Angela said.

Angela still does not know if Gerald is in Iraq or Afghanistan. The last few nights, he has been able to call and talk for about seven minutes. It's important to both of them to keep in touch. In fact, the 82nd Airborne soldier was so afraid he would be gone for Mother's Day, he mailed the card in March. It just arrived.

"I was thrilled," Angela said.

Gerald is not expected back until August, but in his letter he wrote he may be home as early as June. Angela said she is excited, but trying not to get her hopes up because she said she knows anything could change.

Spc. White was promoted to sergeant last week. Angela says it is something he has really wanted and worked hard for.