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Flooding Causes Local Marinas, Park Facilities To Close

Posted April 15, 2003 11:30 a.m. EDT

— Area lakes and rivers are rushing over their banks. Local marinas and park facilities are flooded -- all due to the Seattle-like weather that hit the Triangle last week.

Jordan Lake Park Ranger Billy Totten said Jordan Lake crested at a record 233.71 feet. That's higher than during Hurricane Fran.

Falls Lake also was flooded on Monday.

Falls Lake consumed many of the bath houses at Sandling Beach, as well most of the other facilities in the park. Monday, the water level was about 11 to 11 1/2 feet higher than normal.

"Pretty much everything closes down," park employee Brian Dowdy said. "Most of my facilities are closed due to the high water."

The scene was the same at Jordan Lake, where it appeared people couldn't get to their boats without a boat.

The gates at both parks were shut for safety reasons Monday. A lot of the camping areas were flooded out, and, with the possibility of sewer wells flooding out, no restrooms were open.

Park officials said cleanup and repair from flooding may keep some parts of both parks closed for some time to come.

Rangers said the high water washes out floating logs and debris, so people who choose to go boating the next few weeks should use extreme caution.