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Two Mothers Deal With Twins While Husbands Deployed In Iraq

Posted April 5, 2003 7:17 a.m. EST

— As the war continues, so does life at home, which means many military spouses are doing things on their own. Two new mothers are dealing with twins while their husbands are off at war.

Misty Marks is the proud new mother of twins. Olivia and Isiah were born Friday at Womack Army Medical Center. They came a month early, but their dad has no idea. The soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division is fighting in Iraq.

"Since I've known so long it would happen without him, I was prepared, but it was sad, still sad, but I was also happy at the same time," she said.

Marks said she has not heard from her husband in seven weeks. With his wedding ring hanging close to her heart, she delivered with the wife of another deployed soldier by her side. Through the Red Cross, she hopes he will get the word soon.

Trisha Omolo's husband was present for the birth of their twins. For two months, Spc. Allan Omolo was on standby to deploy. He found out he would leave Thursday, the same day Elijah and Abigail came into the world. He left four hours later.

"I'm glad he got to see them, but that was hard, definitely hard because I didn't get to go to his farewell," she said.

Both women have other children and say they will now rely on their churches and military families for help.

In a related story out of Oklahoma, Cassandra Stogsdill has given birth to an 8-pound, 12-ounce girl. But her husband doesn't know it, and she wants to tell him.

She hasn't spoken to John Stogsdill since he left Camp Lejeune for Iraq two months ago. He's a member of the Marine Second Division, which is nearing Baghdad.

Cassandra Stogsdill has given the information on Alexis Stogsdill to the American Red Cross, which is trying to get the information to her husband's commander.

If Stogsdill has not contacted the family in 10 days, his wife will notify the Red Cross.

John Stogsdill joined the Marines about 18 months ago. The couple moved to Jacksonville.

Cassandra Stogsdill has stayed with her parents and in-laws in Oklahoma during her husband's absence. She left North Carolina two days before her husband was deployed and says she'll return when her husband comes home.