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Former President Bush Rallies Troops At Cherry Point

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CHERRY POINT, N.C. — The White House, both past and present, is rallying North Carolina troops. Former President George Herbert Walker Bush spoke with families at Cherry Point Air Station on Wednesday. On Thursday, his son, George W. Bush, will visit Camp Lejeune.

The elder Bush arrived to cheers at Cherry Point Wednesday afternoon. He was quick to re-assure Marines and their families that his son will stay the course in Iraq.

"He is not going to back down in terms of his responsibilities and he's going to see this through to the end," he said.

Bush spoke briefly less than four minutes, but he repeatedly made the point of saying the Marines are in good hands.

"You never ought to worry about the commander-in-chief kind of leaving you out in the lurch there or not following through on his responsibilities, just as every Marine will follow through on his or her responsibilities now as they have always in the past," he said.

Bush set the stage for his son's trip to Camp LeJeune on Thursday and closed his own visit with one final word of encouragement.

"I'm so proud of you Marines. I just think about it all the time," he said. "Where do we find such men? Where do we find such women? We're blessed as a nation. Thank you and may God bless you."

President Bush will visit Marines at Camp Lejeune on Thursday where he will pay tribute to the troops killed in the war. At least 13 Lejeune Marines have died. Bush is also expected to update the progress of the war.


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