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Fort Bragg Military Wife Still Waits To Hear From Deployed Husband

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne Division is on the move now working in two countries. A local woman whose husband is deployed has no idea if he is involved in either conflict.

It has become a daily routine. Angela White bundles up her daughter, Savannah, and heads to her friends about 10 minutes down the road. White goes to her friends' house not just for the company, but to also check her e-mail. She has not heard from her husband, Gerald, since right after the war started, but there is nothing new.

"It does not disappoint me now because I know he's busy," White said.

White does not know what the 82nd Airborne Division husband is busy doing. He could be helping secure supply lines in Iraq or continuing the hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan.

"I can't stand being here away from you. Not watching my kids grow up and holding my wife," Gerald said in an earlier e-mail.

White said she finds comfort in reading old e-mails. He talks about being lonely, but Angela admits she's doing a lot better.

"It gets easier, I know he's going to be OK. He knows what he's doing," Angela said.

Unlike the first few days of the war, Angela no longer stays glued to the TV. Her friend, Tammy, said that has helped a lot.

"She'd come over here and not say nothing and be depressed," Tammy said.

Spc. White has now been gone 47 days, nearly 7 weeks. Angela said she has a new outlook on her life. She said the quicker soldiers complete their task, the quicker her husband will come home.

White cut back her work hours and only works weekends now. She thought her 6-year-old Ashley, needed more attention. It also gives her a chance to attend family support group meetings at Fort Bragg.


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