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Missing Hoke County Girl Reunited With Family In Tearful Embrace At RDU

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MORRISVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina family that has spent four years wondering what happened to their 11-year-old daughter finally has some answers.

As soon as Wanda hung up the phone, she headed to the sheriff's office, which arranged with consulate officials a phone callbetween mother and daughter. They've spoken on the phone every day since then.

Neither authorities nor Wanda know details of Dana's life in Mexico.

"She hasn't told me, and I haven't asked," she said. "All I know is that she's coming home, and she's all right, and that's all that matters."

Sheriff's officials instructed Wanda not to ask Dana any questions and to wait until the girl volunteers information.

"She will tell me (what happened) when she gets home, and we have time together," Wanda said.

When Dana didn't return home from school the day she disapppeared, Wanda begancalling relatives. She also asked children who rode Dana's bus if they had seen her.

The family received tips over the years that Dana had been spotted in nearly Lumberton and other places. But those turned outto be false.

"I didn't know if my child was alive or dead," Wanda said. "Those three years and nine months were total chaos."

Wanda believes her daughter was abducted. Dana told authorities she went to Mexico with a friend.

"She's never been a problem child," she said. "I've never had any problem with her leaving home or anything."

Investigators are searching for the man they believe took Dana to Mexico.

Warrants have been issued charging Hector Majarro Frausto, 22, with kidnapping and statutory rape.

Frausto lived across the street from the family until the day after Dana's disappearance, Wanda said.

Dana was friends with Frausto, and the girl's aunt frequently gave him a ride to work, she said.

After years of living in Mexico, Dana now speaks Spanish. Her English is poor, Wanda said.

"She tried to tell me her children's names, but I can't understand her," she said.

But Wanda doesn't mind, as long as her daughter is all right.

"I have to honestly say I believe I was the happiest person and the world and still am," she said. "Right now, I'm very anxious tojust put my arms around her. Her and the babies."

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