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Alert Dog With Keen Sense Of Smell Helps Turn Potential Tragedy Into Happy Ending

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CLAYTON, N.C. — Thomas Carter is a man of simple pleasures.

Alzheimer's Disease limits his ability to speak. But he still enjoys walking around on his own.

Recently, Mr. Carter's daily stroll took a dangerous turn.

"He was supposed to be back at 2:10," said his wife, Mary Carter. "When he didn't come back, naturally, I became worried."

Carter was walking on a construction site near his home when he stumbled and fell, his body submerged in the mud.

For a man with Alzheimer's, it was a life-threatening situation -- that is, until an unlikely hero came to the rescue.

Sam Wolfgang McAdams is a dog whose powerful sense of smell may have saved Carter's life.

"The dog's owner and the dog were walking," said Mary Carter, "and the dog just wanted to go in one direction."

That direction led Sam right to Carter, who by then had been missing for several hours.

Sam's owner then ran straight to Clayton Area Rescuers, who pulled Carter to safety.

"It could have been much worse, a whole lot worse," said one of the rescuers.

Instead, there was a happy ending to a potentially tragic accident -- thanks to man's best friend.

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