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Soldier, Mother Have Similar Thoughts Despite Being On Opposite Sides Of World

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Half a world away, soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division are heading into battle, but in north Raleigh, flags are flying high and proud and a mother is waiting for her son's safe return.

Catherine Newsome treasures the letter she got from her only son, Spc. Sean Dickson.

"I would be lying if I tried to act tough and say I'm not homesick and lonely and even scared," Dickson wrote in his letter.

WRAL had a chance to meet and talk with Dickson while in Kuwait. Newsome said she was glad to see her son on television.

"It was so calming and good to see him physically there," Newsome said.

Still, Newsome said she has worries only a mother could understand.

"My biggest fear is that he will be afraid and I don't want him to be afraid," she said. "I really wish they would let me go over there and help take care of them because I would go."

In the last few days, Newsome said she has taken up tying yellow ribbons, which has been a source of comfort. Her strength comes from her faith and her confidence in her son's abilities.

"I trust my son has been well-trained and he'll do what he has to do," she said.

Newsome said her son is also relying heavily on his faith. He has the 93rd Psalm plastered to the breast plates of his flak vest.


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