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Unfinished Porch Project Keeps Raleigh Man Waiting Months

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RALEGH, N.C. — Hiring someone to do work on your home can be nerve-racking, but when it does not go as planned it can become a big headache.

In May of 2002, Brian Beaver hired Mr. Beaver Construction, Inc. to build a porch for $6,800.

Right now, the porch is held up by two-by-fours.

"They've made promises and they haven't delivered," he said.

Beaver said he has paid $4,600 so far. The porch was supposed to be finished within five weeks.

"The framing was done in July. The shingles were put on in August and no other work has been done since," he said.

He said what was done so far, was not done well.

"Where the new roof ties into the existing roof there, that transition there is not finished. There's some leakage. In fact, water drips down over the door," Beaver said.

He said he called Mr. Beaver Construction, Inc. for months. In November, Beaver said he physically took a letter to the business and met with the general manager, Ed Bounds.

"He told me possibly two weeks and they'd have somebody out here to evaluate and look at it. And nobody showed," Beaver said.

"It just makes me madder every time I look at it. To me, it's embarrassing almost like that," said Beaver after contacting Five On Your Side.

Five On Your Side talked to Bounds, who said he started his position at the company six months ago to "clean up messes" created by previous employees. Bounds also called the work on Beaver's porch "shoddy."

Bounds promised to finish the job and forget the balance of $2,200.

Beaver said he wants the whole thing to be over.

"I'm tired of looking at it. Bottom line. Ready to get it finished," he said.

Mr. Beaver Construction Inc. never got a permit to build Beaver's porch, so the manager is working to get one.

Bounds vowed to complete the porch as soon as the permit is granted.


Better Business Bureau

had 16 complaints on file against Mr. Beaver Construction, Inc. All of the complaints have been resolved.

Before hiring a contractor, Five On Your Side recommends getting several estimates, check references and pay as work is completed.


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