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Carrboro Stirs Up Controversy With Support Of France

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CARRBORO, N.C. — Carrboro has a reputation for being quaint and ecclectic. Now the small town is known for supporting the French.

The Board of Aldermen has approved a resolution that encourages the citizens of Carrboro to buy and consume the products of France. The resolution ignited a flurry of e-mails from across the country.

Some of the e-mails support the resolution: "Three cheers for your resolution" reads one. Many oppose it: "Dear idiots," reads another message, "I've never been so embarrassed."

Resident Brent Winter said that, given Carrboro's liberal lifestyle, the aldermen's actions came as no surprise.

"That kind of gesture doesn't accomplish a lot in concrete terms," Winter said. "But it means something. They're acting on principle."

Said Alderman Jacqui Gist: "I think it's very American."

Gist introduced the resolution, which she said is anything but unpatriotic.

"Dialogue and disagreement is what makes this country great," she said. "What can be more patriotic than standing up for what you believe is right?"

But a lot of people, like Lionel Smith, believe that unity is what's important in times of conflict.

"What in the world were they thinking of?" Smith said. "To pass a resolution that's against the country and what we believe?

"I think it's embarrassing to the country, particularly to North Carolina. I really do."

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