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Five On Your Side Helps Raise Roof On Repair Mix-Up

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WHISPERING PINES, N.C. — Home repairs can be costly, and aggravating when the work is not done correctly.

Bob Frost hired Central Carolina Roofing to help with some renovations of his newly-purchased older home.

"When we moved in, all the appliances were avocado green and the hood matched," he said.

The roofing company replaced the old roof with a metal one.

"It came out exactly as we wanted, which is nice. You never know for sure," Frost said.

A couple of days later, Frost said he realized the roofing job was not quite right.When he tried to turn on the kitchen exhaust fan, it did not work.

Frost said he did not make the connection at first.

"I just thought it was something else that had gone wrong around here. In an old house like this, things just frequently break," he said.

Frost called an electrician who found the vent pipe laying on the attic floor and the vent hole covered with roofing.

"I was surprised. I mean, it didn't make much sense to me that they would do that and not tell us," he said.

Frost called Frankie Parrish, the owner of Central Carolina Roofing.Parrish agreed to pay $500 to fix the vent problem, a little at a time.

Frost sent Parrish the repair bills last March. He said four months passed without Parrish paying anything.

The Frost said he then sent a letter. Parrish called him back and promised to pay.

"We again said that was fine, but we wanted to get it resolved as quickly as possible and we haven't heard anything from him since that time," Frost said.

That is when Frost decided to call Five On Your Side.

"It's not the end of the world -- money. But it's something I felt he owed us. It was a problem that his crew created and I thought it was right that he paid up," Frost said.

When Five On Your Side called Parrish, he said he had family deaths and "plum forgot" to pay Frost.

Parrish promised to take care of the debt.

"After you had contacted him, he called me. 'We'll have the check to you today.' And two days later, it appeared in the mailbox," Frost said.

The Frosts paid for the repairs one year ago, so they said the money they received was like a windfall. They said they plan use it for more home improvements.


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