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Fayetteville Couple Searches For Lost Reminders Of Son

Posted March 12, 2003 4:41 a.m. EST

— A Cumberland County couple is trying to track down important reminders of their son.

The reminders were in a dresser that was accidentally sold.

Rob and Regina Dow were looking forward to the birth of their new son. But five months into her pregnancy, the boy was delivered stillborn.

"We were pretty devastated," Rob said.

At the hospital, tiny footprints were made. The Dows have a copy, but they want the original.

They also want the hat their son wore just after he was delivered. The problem is: they have no idea where the hat or footprints are.

Nine months after the boy's death, the Dows had a yard sale. A German woman came up the driveway and offered them $40 for a dresser. They sold it to her.

Not even realizing it, the Dows had left their baby's momentos inside a drawer. They say they didn't remember because they were still mourning.

"I wasn't ready," Regina said. "I just figured when I was ready to look at the things, they'd be there."

Along with the footprints and hat, their son's funeral program and burial information were in the dresser. Some of Rob Dow's old military uniforms were in there, too, but the Dows don't care about recovering those.

The Dows began frequenting garage sales looking for the woman. They had no luck.

The couple then took their plea to the local paper, and readers helped track the lady down. But the woman said she never opened the drawers and that, when the dresser didn't fit in her room, she took it for resale.

Now, the Dows are once again desperately trying to find the chest -- just for the treasures inside.

"Especially after he's gone," Regina said. "That's all you have."