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Pothole Patrols Hit 'Bump' In Road

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Road crews are in a pickle. Most of the pothole repairs they made last week were washed out by the weekend rain. Now, officials say they basically have to start from scratch.

On Capital Boulevard in Raleigh, road crews repaired a number of potholes on Friday, but on Monday, those potholes resurfaced. Some drivers on Trailwood Drive in Raleigh are so fed up with the pothole problems that they have placed hubcaps along the side of the road.

Mac Jones, a Raleigh street supervisor, said the pothole situation has gotten so bad that he is calling in the reinforcements.

"This week, we will let a contractor do some of our routine pavement maintenance work that will free up two more of our crew that we will devote exclusively to pothole repair," he said. "Probably by about Thursday, we will have either five or six crews doing potholes and a contractor will help us with the rest of our work."

The state is planning to resurface the section of Capital Boulevard. They hope that will clear up the recurring pothole problem.

Officials with the state Department of Transportation are asking motorists to report any potholes by calling

(877) DOT-4-YOU.


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