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Cary Mayor Lashes Out At Town Council

Posted February 28, 2003 5:50 a.m. EST

— Cary Mayor Glen Lang had some heated words for members of the

town council

Thursday evening.

"Substantiate your facts prior to making public accusations. You've affected my personal financial condition. There are now people who will not do business with Capitol Broadband because they don't want to be in the newspaper," Lang said.

At issue is the mayor's company, Capitol Broadband, and its dealings with developer David Falk. The company has contracts to provide wireless service to a number of Falk properties.

The town council is concerned Lang did not recuse himself when a Falk development project, called Amberly, came up for rezoning. The mayor said that the project is owned by a Charlotte-based company, not Falk.

The town council said it is seeking the creation of a code of ethics for town leaders.