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Hillsborough Police Officer Arrested On Theft Charges

Posted March 1, 2003 1:05 a.m. EST

— A Hillsborough police officer will be in court Monday on charges he stole from his own department.

Sergeant Timothy Mark Brewer of Graham was arrested Thursday evening by Hillsborough police and the State Bureau of Investigation.

Captain Ross Frederick of the Hillsborough Police Department said Brewer faces charges of larceny, breaking and entering and trafficking in cocaine.

Brewer is accused of breaking into office and storage businesses in Orange and Alamance County while on duty earlier this month.

Frederick said handguns from the Hillsborough Police Department and $60 in cash from an employee were taken, along with cocaine and more than $4,000 from an evidence room.

Frederick said Brewer admitted committing the crimes to finance a cocaine habit.

Brewer, reportedly being held in Central Prison for his own protection, is an eight-year veteran of the Hillsborough Police Department.