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Crane Mishap + Accidents + Ramp Closure = Rough Day For I-85 Drivers

Posted February 20, 2003 2:55 a.m. EST

— Some drivers had a frustrating day in the construction zone on Interstate 85 in Durham.

Crews from the state Department of Transportation had to temporarily shut down the U.S. 70 ramp onto Interstate 85 South in Durham County on Thursday, forcing some cars to detour to the I-85 North ramp on Club Boulevard and then back onto I-85 South.

Some drivers stuck in the detour were not happy about it.

"I think it could be a hazard for the traffic because you've got a major interstate, and traffic is lined up pretty far back there. It could be an accident," motorist Brenda Woodruff said.

There were more driver/construction hassles in the I-85 work zone. During the morning rush, Durham police say there was a five-car pile-up at the intersection of Interstates 85 and 70. Police also say a crane knocked wires down briefly blocking the interstate.

"I got to find a new route to get here," motorist Wesley Karl said.

The I-85/Highway 70 interchange is now back open to traffic, but DOT officials said construction will last until 2007.