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Rise In Gas Prices Pushes People To Wrong Side Of Law

Posted February 12, 2003 10:52 a.m. EST

— Not only are gas prices going up at Triangle service stations, police reports show gas driveoffs are climbing almost as quickly as the prices and one Raleigh street is apparently a prime target.

Kader Laqueb has to stay focused on payments and the pumps at the BP Gas Station on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh. He said customers pulling away without paying are becoming a major problem. He said one driver even pretended he was buying a drink.

"He left his drink here and he goes straight to his car and drives off. I ran behind him and got his license plate number," Laqueb said.

Police reports show New Bern Avenue seems to be a target for gas thieves. Two gas stations on this roadway have been hit more than once in the last week. Musa Jeng, manager of the service station, said the pump-and-dash crimes all add up. He blames the high prices at the pump.

"Everytime it happens, we've got to turn around and call the police and report it and try to recover the money. Most of the time, it's money going out of the window," he said.

If caught, gas thieves could be slapped with a misdemeanor charge and even lose their license.