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Got Goat? Local Stores Now Carrying World's Most Popular Meat

Posted February 12, 2003 4:55 a.m. EST

— As North Carolina's population becomes more diverse, people from other nations are seeking foods that remind them of home.

Goat meat is being found on more farms and supermarkets. Boer goats imported from South Africa are bred for their meat.

Some Hispanic, African and middle Eastern cultures favor goat over beef, making it the most popular meat in the world.

Now goat meat can be found locally, including an IGA supermarket in Benson.

"It's been moving pretty good. We've ordered about three carcasses and they've been selling OK. We've been trying to get [the word out] to the public to let them know they can come here and get it fresh," said manager Chad Smith.

Smith cuts goat meat like any other product. He said customers can buy roasts, steaks and liver. Chops and ribs are the best sellers, he said.

"It's a good value you know. It's a very lean meat, very good, very healthy. I think it's pretty good," Smith said.

Goat meat is not the fastest moving product in the store, so it can only be found in the frozen section. Smith said if demand continues, it will not be long before goat meat takes over its own section in fresh meat area of the store.

Smith said his biggest challenge is getting the word out. Goat farmers provide banners in English and Spanish as well as cooking tips.

"[Customers] come in and they want to know how to cook it. We have the recipes and stuff available right here, so that's helping out a lot," Smith said.

Goat meat costs more than beef, but the price is expected to drop as demand increases.