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U.S. Food Supply Can Be Potential Target For Terrorists

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GOLDSBORO, N.C. — Terror attacks do not necessarily come from chemical and biological weapons. Officials claim the threat of an attack on the country's food supply is very real, but people who produce and supply food are working to keep it safe.

Officials at Goldsboro Milling recently installed a new washer with the intent of stopping both the accidential and intentional spread of diseases.

"With this facility, we can decontaminate our trucks. Not only does it wash the outside, but it washes the underneath the truck," said Bob Ivey of Goldsboro Milling. "Biosecurity is very important part of our operations. We practice that daily."

"We have a contingency plan for foreign animal disease, and we are constantly updating our biosecurity procedures," Ivey said.

Meg Scott Phipps, state commissioner of agriculture, said your food could be a potential terrorist target.

"It would be very easy for a terrorist attack to occur in our food supply," she said.

Phipps is sending out a letter, warning those who produce, handle or market food urging them to increase security.

"We need to encourage our commodity groups from the farm on up to the retail level to limit access to their facilities. Keep an eye on the type of people who ar coming in. Look for IDs from their employees," Phipps said. "They need to have good lighting, and they need to make sure that they lock their facilities."

Experts say one of the best tools to protect the food supply is to look at food packages and containers and report anything out of the ordinary immediately.


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