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Harnett Commissioner Prepares For Other Duty Outside Politics

Posted February 6, 2003 4:33 a.m. EST

— There will soon be an open seat on the Harnett County Board of Commissioners. Board Chairman Teddy Byrd, who is also a reservist, got his call to active duty.

Byrd, a major in the U.S. Army Reserves, said he is ready to be in Iraq for awhile.

"Our orders will say 365 days, but we don't know," he said.

Byrd, a 21-year Army veteran, served three years with the 82nd Airbone Division at Fort Bragg, but he said that is nothing compared to what he will face while he is gone.

"The hardest part about this whole thing is leaving your family. It's not the job that you have to do or personal concern about being hurt. It's separation from your family," Byrd said.

Byrd has been a board chairman for two years. He said he will not give up his seat if he think he will be back in a couple of months, but he admits he may have to step down.

"It will be an open seat. Vice Chairwoman Beatrice Hill, who is a very able and capable person, will run the meetings. There will be one less vote there," Byrd said.

Byrd will not get paid for being county commissioner while he is deployed. He will not say where he will be deployed. He will report to his unit, the 171st Area Support Group, in Garner on Friday.