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Raleigh Police Issue 81 Tickets During Crackdown On Dangerous Intersections

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RALEIGH, N.C. — If you're in a rush like so many drivers on the road today - be forewarned. Raleigh Police are cracking down on dangerous intersections.

Thursday, they handed out 81 tickets at targeted intersections.

Sometimes people just ignore the signs that say "No Left Turn." Thursday was not a good day to do that.

A Raleigh Police Department spotter sat in an unmarked car and radioed to patrol cars waiting nearby. Anyone who did anything out of line was pulled over.

Police say it all started with a desire to crack down on red-light runners. One officer working the special detail said he was hit by a red-light runner.

"I was off duty in my personal vehicle in October 2001 at Wilmington and Chapanoke," he said. "So I have a personal interest in trying to stop these red-light runners."

Thursday, police swooped in on intersections that had a high number crashes because of drivers running red lights or making illegal turns. One red-light violator was a 77-year-old woman.

Raleigh police have received dozens of complaints about red-light runners at Peace and Glenwood. Many of the complaints came from business owners; one resturant owner put up a wall after a few wrecks came a little too close to the customers.

Police want drivers to think when they come to an intersection and realize that someone may be watching.

Police concentrated Thursday on South Saunders at the Beltline, Cross Link at Rock Quarry, Morgan at Dawson and Glenwood at Peace.

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