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Dream Bags To Provide Morale Boost For Deployed Troops

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Some Fort Bragg families are busy creating a morale booster for deployed troops.

In the conference room of her husband's batallion, Olivia Hansen is busy making dream bags.

Using scrap fabric, the bags are quickly sewn and stuffed with toiletries, gum and other fun items.

Hansen said the craft has spread to family support groups around the post.

"It helps them stay busy as well. They're doing something instead of feeling stuck at home. They have a part of being able to participate," she said.

The idea of making and sending dream bags to soldiers is not new.

A group of women in Hillsborough made the bags for deployed troops during World War II.

When the 82nd Airborne Historical Society learned about the project, members decided to pick up where the women left off 60 years ago.

"Good ideas never go out of style," said said 2LT Nieles Hansen of the 82nd Airborne Historical Society. "It's important to remember the past and the people who supported us and continue to serve today."

The soldiers who receive the bags may not know about the World War II connection right away, but when they open the bags, they will learn of the significance with a special note.

On the back of each note is a personalized message to let the soldiersknow they are not forgotten.

The historical society and military families are relying on donations to make, stock and ship out the dream bags.

Contributions can be made by calling the 82nd Airborne Museum at (910) 432-5307 or (910) 432-3443 or by sending them to:

Dream Bag Fund PO Box 1284 Hope Mills, N.C. 28348