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Low Temperatures Put 'Jump-Start' In Number Of Cold Cars

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Companies that offer mobile jump-starts had one of their busiest days in recent memory.

The icy conditions made Jeff Keyser a very busy man, thanks to his portable J-900 12-volt Power Supply.

Grace Jones' car battery did not kick over the first time, but the second crank was the charm. With that, she became part of an icy statistic.

"I mean it was like nothing, no sparking, nothing, so I went back inside [and] called my job," Jones said. "They told me, 'Lift the hood,' because they said the sun would probably shine down on it."

"It's just going to get them. The summer just wears the batteries out, then comes this cold weather," Keyser said.

WRAL called several companies that do mobile jump-starts. The average price is about $45.

If your car does conk out, you want to be prepared. You should always have your cell phone with you to call for help. It is also important to have a blanket in the car with you.

Plus, just in case a good Samaritan comes along, it is good to have jumper cables.


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