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Fort Bragg Soldiers Deploy For Special Snow Duty

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — A soldier's enemy is not usually Mother Nature, but on Thursday, soldiers had to fight against the elements to help stranded motorists.

An icy hill on Morganton Road was too much for drivers to battle. Most cars and trucks could not make it up the slope.

"I was hoping to get a running start. It didn't happen," said one motorist.

Fort Bragg soldiers developed a plan of attack. Pfc. Christopher Duncan and his friends went to work. They pushed with their trucks, pulled cars with chains and sometimes used sand. They even had to use their muscles to push the vehicles, including a 18-wheel beer truck.

"We live right here. We can't sit inside with all these people stuck out here, so we thought we'd help out," he said.

Some of the soldiers just returned from Afghanistan, fighting for freedom. Thanks to their efforts, drivers were able to escape the icy mess.

Motorist Cheryl King had been trying to get home from work for two hours. She said she was glad to get help from the soldiers.

"If it wasn't for them, there's no telling what people would do," she said.

A handful of motorists also saw the soldiers at work and stopped to pitch in. Police did end up closing a portion of Morganton Road for awhile, but after a sand truck drove through, it was reopened.