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Young Soldiers May Depend On Veterans' Advice In Potential War With Iraq

Posted January 23, 2003 11:29 a.m. EST

— Artillery soldiers with the 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment could find themselves in enemy territory in a matter of days. Some soldiers who have not faced deployment before may call upon the help of veterans to get them through.

As the military buildup continues for a possible showdown with Iraq, Staff Sgt. Derrick Ambrose feels like he knows what he is getting into. Twelve years ago, he was a private in the Gulf War with just six months experience. Ambrose said he thinks the biological and chemical threat he faced then could help him now.

"Knowing signs of it previously in Desert Storm, I'll be able to identify things of that nature where we may be at," he said.

Pfc. John Hart is at the same place today Ambrose was then. He is preparing for his first deployment. The 20-year-old said he is relying on the veterans to help him through.

"I felt a little scared at first," Hart said. "I've got a ton of questions and I'll ask them and they'll know it."

The troops are waiting on word as to when exactly they will leave. They also said they cannot be specific as to where they are going.