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N.C. State, Raleigh Officials React To Chancellor's Censure

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RALEIGH, N.C. — A day after a N.C. State panel censured Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, officials say it is time to move forward.

The faculty Senate's censure of Chancellor Mary Anne Fox came after she fired two academic administrators. The group expressed concern that the actions had hurt the university's image, but student body president Michael Anthony, said it is time to move on.

"The academic office will grow stronger and we'll move past it," he said.

N.C. State history professor John Riddle said the censure of Fox is not a mortal wound, but it is serious.

"It's capable of being repaired with some scar tissue, but she's a bright woman. She's quick-witted, she's accomplished and I think she can adapt," he said.

House Speaker Jim Black said the issue is a faculty matter that will not raise much interest at the state Legislature, where lawmakers often debate university funding. State Sen. Eric Reeves, D-Raleigh, said it is time to rally around Fox and N.C. State.

"Just because someone messes up once or twice, not that I am saying that she did mess up, but everybody deserves multiple opportunities to succeed," Reeves said.

Fox still has authority to run the university as she chooses, which includes having a say in both the hiring and firing of employees. The censure resolution is a public reprimand that will be kept in her personnel file.