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New Flood-Plain Maps Raise Eyebrows In Tarboro Neighborhood

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TARBORO, N.C. — After the big flood in 1999, many people are anxious to see the state's new flood-plain maps. They are almost complete and already raising a few eyebrows in one Tarboro neighborhood.

Steve Hoard, a former county commissioner, believes the new state flood maps will be a big help by letting people know where to build or where to buy more insurance.

"Twenty-two percent of Edgecombe County is in the flood plain," he said.

However, Hoard claims his own street is proof the new maps are not perfect. The maps indicate his Tarboro neighborhood is in the 100-year flood plain, but even though a canal runs through it, a surveyor found there is little risk of flooding in that area.

Officials say the 100-year label can mean extra insurance, but it can also be a kiss of death for real estate. Tarboro is appealing to the state, asking for new inspections.

"They're going to send surveyors down here and engineers, and we're going to look at it, hopefully correct the problem," said Troy Lewis, planning director for Tarboro.

Outside of Hoard's neighborhood, Lewis said the new maps appear to be accurate.