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Middlesex Police Latest To Consider Advertising On Patrol Cars

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MIDDLESEX, N.C. — Another North Carolina police department may soon sell advertising space on its patrol cars.

The Nash County town of Middlesex is considering the plan with a Charlotte company.

For just $2, the town would buy two new squad cars from the company, which would then put logos on the hood and trunk of the cars.

No alcohol or tobacco ads would be allowed.

Middlesex police chief Charles Ferrell said the deal is a chance to make something out of nothing.

"There's so many possibilities with this program it's hard to go through all of them," Ferrell said.

The town currently has three patrol cars.

"We can cut down on the mileage and the wear and tear on our vehicles. Also, it would give us more vehicles per police officer so that we'll have better coverage around town," Ferrell said.

The town attorney is looking over the deal to make sure it is legitimate. If it works out, the small-town force said a couple of logos would mean big savings for its budget.

The Wayne County town of Pikeville is also considering the ads.