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Some Parents Pleased With Wake's Student Reassignment Plan

Posted January 10, 2003 8:34 a.m. EST

— Officials said Wake County's latest reassignment plan is smaller than usual and mostly affects students in southwest Wake County and north Raleigh. The proposal is also getting kudos from some parents.

The plan would shift about 2,636 students among 34 different schools. This year, fewer Wake County students than usual will change schools.

"Basically, it's smaller because we're only opening two new schools this year," said Ramey Beavers, of Wake County Schools.

The new plan also calls for 532 students to be moved to Holly Ridge Elementary from Holly Springs Elementary. Some parents are not upset about the new proposal since Holly Ridge is a new school and five blocks away from the old one.

"It's closer. I can walk my daughter to school, so that will be nice," parent Laurie Bishop said.

"It's not far. If it were Cary or Apex, I wouldn't like that," resident Barbara Richardson said.

Some parents are concerned because there is no movement in East Wake and Garner schools, which have an above-average number of low-income students. School administrators say they hope to solve overcrowding in that area next year by opening new schools.

"We really do care about kids. I'm passionate about it. I want kids to be successful," Beavers said.

Postcards were mailed to families of students who could be moved. Officials said the proposal can change significantly after the public comment period of Jan. 9 through Jan. 23.