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Cary Doctor Offers Women Simple, Easy Breast-Cancer Resource

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CARY, N.C. — The Internet is full of accurate and non-accurate information on breast cancer.

Dr. Bob Resnik, a local primary care doctor, helped develop a new computer program that provides an accurate guide for women with breast cancer.

Resnik said the Web site provides a plethora of information, from anatomy to survival.

Most women are initially shocked when they are diagnosed with breast cancer, explained Resnik. But most patients also begin searching for information.

"A lot of time it's just very hard to comprehend," said Resnik.

He said it is often overwhelming to navigate Internet resources for breast cancer.

"It's just phenomenal where they find this information. They're looking for anything," Resnik said.

He worked with oncologists to simplify the confusion. They created an informative breast cancer CD-ROM for their patients.

"What we've tried to do here is take that concept and make it visual, so they can compare and look through these different stages. So they can understand where they're at in breast cancer, compared to the entire spectrum of the disease," said Resnik.

Resnik used his computer skills to make the program design informative, but easy to understand.

The program allows patients to quickly learn about a particular cancer stage or treatment options.

Resnik said those sections are more popular with women.

"They were much more intrigued with the staging and then when we get into treatments especially chemotherapy," said Resnik. "The overall response has just been overwhelming."

The CD-ROM is in many local doctors' offices, but Resnik is trying to distribute it nationally with groups like the

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation


He also hopes to develop similar programs for HIV, diabetes, migraines and lung cancer.


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