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Five On Your Side Helps Straighten Wavy Siding Problem

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. — A new house sometimes has a few things wrong, but most people expect major repairs to be fixed.

One Johnston County man went to WRAL's Five on Your Side for help when his new home had serious problems.

Sandy Hancock said the siding on his house seemed a little off. Then, he took a closer look.

"Everything above the garage, you can see, towards the gable end, how wavy it is," said Hancock.

Hancock moved into the new house in July. A few weeks later, he noticed the problem.

"Once I had time and really got looking at it, I'm like 'there's something wrong with this,'" he said.

Hancock said he decided to call the builder, Ashley Turner Enterprises.

A supervisor tried to fix the Hardiplank Siding by adding screws, but according to Hancock, it did not fix the problem.

After a second call, Hancock said the general manager came to look at the siding.

"His response was that this is acceptable. Which my response was 'no, it's not and it's not gonna be.' And that's why we're here," Hancock said.

He said the general manager promised to continue discussing the siding.After phone calls and a missed appointment, Hancock said he had enough and called Five on Your Side.

"I don't want to foot the bill to put that right. It's obvious something is wrong with it. It's not my responsibility. It's a brand new house. It shouldn't be looking like that and if it is, it ought to be fixed," said Hancock.

Five on Your Side called the owner of the house, Ashley Turner.

Turner was skeptical, but after checking the house, he agreed that something was wrong.

He promised to replace the wavy siding and figure out what initially caused it.

"That's a start," said Hancock. "It will satisfy me when the job is done and it's done correctly. I'm not gonna count any chickens before they're hatched."

The crew working to repair the siding said they found twisted gables underneath, which they suspect is the cause of the problem. They said they plan to fix the gables and then re-side the house.


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