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Dog's Fate Yet To Be Determined, Still Recovering After Being Neglected By Owner

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Calls continue to come in about a Rottweiler who was neglected in a Fayetteville home.

Many families have offered to adopt Smokey, who was found chained in the back yard of a home on Lake Avenue Saturday, but until the criminal charges are resolved through the courts, he cannot officially be given a new home.

Police said when they found Smokey, he was 30 pounds underweight and severely malnourished.

Officials said a nylon cord was wrapped so tightly around Smokey's neck that it embedded into his skin more than two inches.

Police arrested Smokey's owner, Kelvin Harris, on animal cruelty charges. Authorities said Harris did not seem to care about the dog's condition.

"He said when he first noticed the collar was going into the dog's neck, he just snapped at him and left it there," Fayetteville police officer Tina Difabrizio said.

Many neighbors along Lake Avenue say they did not realize the dog was so bad off.

"I hope this will alert other pet owners to be more alert and take better care of them," neighbor Ardrienne Cogdell said.

"Despite the injury to his neck, the dog's attitude was good-spirited so to speak," watch commander Sgt. Carter Broadhurst said.

One veternarian said at one point Smokey was so hungry, he tried to eat his paws. Smokey was treated at Animal Urgent Care of Fayetteville and is now staying at a no-kill shelter.

Anyone interested in helping with the dog's medical expenses can call

The Haven-Friends for Life No-Kill Shelter


(910) 875-6768

for more details.